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Looking for classes in France, or Quebec, Guadeloupe, Martinique, Guyanne

I teach French in an American high school in the outskirts of Houston, Texas. I am looking for SIX partner English as a second language classes for bimonthly ONE on ONE 45 minutes videoconferences via Skype or other program. I have 2 classes of beginners, 2 classes of intermediate, 2 classes of advanced low students. Ages are between 14 and 17. I would like to meet as a class every other week. I am seeking a class partner either in the same time zone or within 2 hours of the US central time zone. We could also videoconference with French speaking Countries in Africa since they are only 5 hours away from our time zone. Europe would also work but only for our early morning classes. Since we will be meeting as a class the partner class needs to have access to a computer lab with a good connection. I would like the meeting to take place 50% of the time in French, 50% of the time in English. Possible countries/regions to partner with: Québec (or other francophone regions of Canada), Martinique, Guadeloupe, Guyanna, or even French schools of students learning English in the United States. I look forward to meeting new teachers with whom to collaborate.

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Hi. I teach in Montpellier in a college. Have you got any positive answer? I'd be interested.


Bonjour. Vous êtes le premier à me répondre.J'aimerais volontier faire des videoconferences avec vous mais mes étudiants sont au lycée 15-18 ans. Je crois que vos étudiants sont plus jeune?

Merci bien,


Hi! If you're still looking for someone, please contact me! I teach English as a second language in a junior high school. 

Yes they are younger in general but I have 2 classes of 3° who are 15/16 so would you be interested?



Hi! I've been teaching English for over 10 years in a high school in the outskirts of Paris. My students are between 15 and 19. Are you still looking for someone?


As a teacher of English teaching in Ste Rose  Guadeloupe, I'm interested in your project. Our  High school is  equiped with  videoconference  material . I have a group of students  aged between 16 to 18 years old and they have asked me to find them American students who will want to know them. We also plan a trip to see "our new friends" and of course we will be glad to welcome them in Guadeloupe.

Nadiège, vous pouvez me contacter directement à cette adresse:

Il faut que nous discutions à quelle heure sont vos classes. Combien d'étudiants avez vous? Quelles sont les dates qui vous interessent etc... Peut-être pourrions nous parler ensemble sur Skype?

A bientôt j'espère.


Hi, I wrote a couple of weeks ago and I thought that you weren't looking for teachers teaching ESL anymore. Does Paris seem too far for you for online exchange? Our shool is very well equipped with computers and the internet in every classroom. I'd be very interested as my students really need to do something concrete with the English language. I believe that we could work out a schedule if I choose a class late in the afternoon and you one in the morning. Many of my classes finishes late in the afternoon like 4.30 or even 5.30. So I'm sure we could work out something.

I'm looking forward to hearing from you. I leave my email address:




Je serai très contente de communiquer avec vous et vous élèves si vous êtes toujours interéssée.Je remarque que vous avez affiché ce message en 2014. Je regarderai donc ce  blog régulièrement pour voir si vous répondez.

Merci bien,

Claire Bartlett

Hi Claire

My students are 14 to 15 years old so a little bit younger than yours but interesrted by an exchange.



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partnership with an american school on the East coast


i'm  a French teacher in the South of France near Marseille  I would like to develop school exchange  and  work partnership with students from the Usa   

My students are interested in  Logisitcs , Esthetics and  Caretaking  but we deveolop projects  about the environment   solidarity  and  of course  English and American culture 

I hope  this could interest  someone 

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Looking for partnership with an American middle school for exchange trips

Hello everyone,
I teach English in a french Middle School of Guadeloupe ( a friendly and lovely Caribbean Island - French West Indies).

I assist our P.E. teacher on his Basket Ball class project.

Last year, he launched a very successful Basket Ball class in our school.

We would like to push it further next year by creating connections with an American Middle School from Miami, Orlando, New-York, Boston, Baltimore or Washington.


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