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Hi everyone!

This information may be redundant for some, my apologies.
As we have more and more people joining, I thought it would be helpful to post this somewhere easily accessible to all.

One of the primary ways we set up for teachers to get in touch with one another is through the 3 main classroom groups: lycée/high school, collége/middle school, and university/université.

Join whichever one applies to your needs, and then post a little bit about your class and what kind of exchange you are looking for - timeframes, technology you want to use (video conferences, emails, postcards and letters, travel, etc.)
Or if you are a member of a specific state/region exchange, there may be a group for that specific one as well (you are welcome to post the info in both groups.)

If others have ways the site worked/is working for them, or questions about it; contact me or just add to this discussion board.


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I teach in a French middle school in south west France. my school is located in Montauban which is 45 km north of Toulouse. I'm looking to start a partnership with an American school next year. I teach 6 groups of about 20 students each.

I'd like our students to write letters andif possible make short videos. I'm open to any suggestions.

cécile Gaillot


I'm a teacher in a lycée in the center of France (3 hr- train ride from Paris, 35 mn train ride from Lyon) in a pleasant hilly region.  I'd like to find an American partner school (high school) to start an exchange via Internet (emailing, blogging, videoconference) with the aim of starting a school trip partnership (French students visiting their counterparts in US and vice versa). Our school district has a partnership with Missouri and, in addition, our city is twinned with Des Moines IO, but we are ready to start a partnership with any region.

Please let me know asap if you are interested.
My email :


Blog Posts

Looking for a one year partnership lycée exchange

Hi! I am a French teacher in the USA and normally take my students to France in the spring to stay with host families. We have had a partnership with a lycée, and they cannot host us this year, so I am looking for a school that is willing to have an exchange for this school year only. Anywhere is France is fine. As for us, we are in an urban high school in North Carolina, about 1 hour from Charlotte. We have between 12-15 students who are involved in this exchange.

Posted by Laurel Lokant on September 30, 2017 at 9:21pm

partnership with an american school on the East coast


i'm  a French teacher in the South of France near Marseille  I would like to develop school exchange  and  work partnership with students from the Usa   

My students are interested in  Logisitcs , Esthetics and  Caretaking  but we deveolop projects  about the environment   solidarity  and  of course  English and American culture 

I hope  this could interest  someone 

Posted by michele barlet on February 7, 2017 at 12:47pm

Living School is hiring an english native speaking teacher Now !

Living School is a private, innovative primary and elementary school created to foster, through education and development of its staff and students, the emergence of responsible and fulfilled citizens into the world, contributors to a true evolution of humanity. Our wish is to present a new way of educating in France and in the world, one that fosters the growth of new ethical leaders, creators of quality for our society and for the world. We are working to share our…


Posted by Julie Foubert on September 27, 2016 at 6:08pm

Looking for partnership with an American middle school for exchange trips

Hello everyone,
I teach English in a french Middle School of Guadeloupe ( a friendly and lovely Caribbean Island - French West Indies).

I assist our P.E. teacher on his Basket Ball class project.

Last year, he launched a very successful Basket Ball class in our school.

We would like to push it further next year by creating connections with an American Middle School from Miami, Orlando, New-York, Boston, Baltimore or Washington.


Posted by PASSAPE Derrick on June 27, 2016 at 12:39am — 3 Comments

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